Learning Management System (LMS) for learning institutions

November 17, 2020

A Strategic Framework for Implementing E-learning in your Institution

Schools using E-learning technologies are a step ahead of those which still rely completely on the traditional approach towards learning. It is no different in the corporate sector when training programs are conducted by instructors for professionals from anywhere around the world, and employees are imparted with the desired skills.

While a majority of organizations attempt to adopt the concept of e-learning and work towards its implementation, some have not been successful in realising the true benefits. The adoption of e-learning faces several challenges especially when the right framework is not applied to drive consideration, adoption, and evaluation of results. It is therefore important to study and present a framework that can adequately guide action steps towards gaining desired results.

This paper aims to highlight the meaning of E-Learning, the importance of E-Learning as a technological solution to learning problems, defining clearly the E-learning framework and its implementation guidelines, and also explore the Koya LMS as a tool for E-Learning implementation.

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