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A Strategic Framework for Implementing E-learning in your Institution

E-learning is considered the best means of transferring knowledge in the education sector, especially when courses are conducted by instructors across the globe and the students are able to acquire the transferred knowledge from anywhere.

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Rethinking Learning for the Modern-Day Student

Quality education is rooted in society's purpose to uplift itself. As the world keeps developing, the definition of “quality” changes and this affects every aspect of society, including education.

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Making Online Learning Work in your Institutions

For Educational Institutions, the process for resuming education activities has transformed. It now requires an alternative approach in the operational planning of administration, teaching and learning.

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Adopting Digital Learning; The Challenges and How to Tackle Them

Digital learning involves the utilization of all forms of technologies or electronic media to aid the educational process. It stands as a great tool for instructors to update course materials systematically ...

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