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Koya provides a customizable blended learning experience with its comprehensive and exhaustive features created to make you and your learners succeed.


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Learner features

Boost academic performance.

List of Learners features

  • 01

    Content Access & Sharing

    Access learning resources shared by instructors anywhere. Learners with rights can share resources to other learners.

  • 02

    Knowledge Assessment

    Test your knowledge by taking assessments and submitting assignments or project work.

  • 03

    Social Learning

    Access personal feedback on your performance and get to know key areas of improvement.

List of learners features

  • 04

    Collaborative Environment

    Learning never stops. Easily use Koya anywhere, anytime with your mobile device.

  • 05

    Offline Capabilities

    Access learning content shared by instructors, offline. Share and receive such content from peers without internet connection.

  • 06

    Virtual Library

    Access to integrated academic libraries and world class resources to boost research and career skill development early on.


Impart knowledge with ease.

List of instructor features

  • Share Content

    Upload learning resources to all learners with a single click. Formats include .doc, .pdf, .mp4, .xls and others. Manage access to these files.

  • Performance Analytics

    Gain insight into how learners perform at a glance. Learn about questions they struggle with and necessary improvement points.

  • Information Sharing

    Post announcements. Engage with students; share answers to questions and help them learn better.

  • Performance Testing

    Test learners' performance with ease using assessments and assignment modules. Track submissions using deadlines. Grading is also handled by Koya based on pre-set answers by the instructor.

  • Feedback Sharing

    Share detailed feedback on learners' performance. Feedback can be personalised to each learner.

Screenshots of Admin dashboard

Admin features

Customize your learning environment;
gain insights.

List of Admin features

  • Make it yours

    Get the platform ready for instructors and learners by providing organization and users information through file uploads or API integrations.

  • Customizable

    Every school and university is unique and your learning platform should enable you to express that. Easily enter your academic structure and terms that work better for you and we’ll do the magic!

  • Behaviour Analysis

    View learning analytics across various programmes in your institution. Filter data based on academic sessions, courses, and faculty.

  • Learning Analytics

    View learning analytics across various programmes in your institution. Filter data based on academic sessions, courses, and faculty.

Screenshots of Admin dashboard

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