Who is a Koya ambassador?

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A Koya ambassador is a visionary, interested and committed to driving change in their institution.

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What does Koya Ambassadors do?

List of what Koya Ambassador do?

  • 1. Organize Koya Activities

    Be part of the team that plans, organizes and hosts fun, informative and engaging activities in your institution.

  • 2.Drive Adoption

    Educate your classmates and peers on the benefits of Koya and how it works. Be the first point of contact when they have a challenge.

  • 3. Share Feedback

    Be the voice of your cluster and share with Koya team how we can best work for you.

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The benefits for you

Why be a Koya Ambassador?

List of benefit of Koya Ambassador

  • Learn and Grow

    You will have the opportunity to develop the skills you need to thrive in life and cause change in your community. You will work with other koya ambassasors and learn from leaders in an exiciting way.

  • Build Your Resume

    Get the experience you need to share with prospective employers and future opportunties that present themselves.

  • And more...

    As a Koya ambassador, you are part of the Koya inner circle and this comes with more benefits such as training, and networking opportunities, and free gifts!

Ambassador Application

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